Forks Meal Planner for a Healthier You

The new year always brings resolutions of healthier eating. It always sounds like a good idea but as soon as you go to prepare that first meal you are already changing your mind. It is hard to find healthy recipes and shopping for that list can be a nightmare. This year I found a magic bullet for all of the issues that stop you from changing your lifestyle.

Forks Meal Planner What is it?

The Forks Meal Plan is Vegan (plant based whole grain) but I didn’t want to scare you away from this awesome tool. This is a subscription based meal plan has a suggested set of recipes for each week but it lets you fully customize the menu to your tastes and how many servings you will need for each meal. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from and all are healthy and let you forget calorie counting. From that menu you are given a shopping list which you can either print or check off from the site on your phone. You are also given a prep list that lets you pre-cook a few items that will help lessen your stress at meal time. Though you won’t have a lot of stress because all of these recipes are 35 minutes of total prep+cook time.

But it’s Vegan I Won’t Like it!

My daughter introduced me to this program and I was skeptical at first because Vegan food usually falls under one of two categories, either horrible tasting or not very healthy for you. I was pleasantly surprised that not only were the dishes extremely easy to make (35 minutes or less) but also delicious with very little customization. I am a professional chef so I am trained to treat every recipe as a suggestion. The only thing I found myself changing is salt and seasoning levels. My families only complaint was that they were vegan and did not contain meat. My argument to them was that if it is delicious why do you need meat?

What about Weird Ingredients?

This was something else that I was impressed by. All the ingredients were common items that I could easily find in my local grocery store and I didn’t have to shop around to find everything. You will find your time shopping is split between the produce section, canned vegetable section and the bulk section with a short trip to the freezer. The strangest ingredients you will find is nutritional yeast which is something you should be familiar with if you are not already. It has a natural cheese-like flavor to it without all the calories and is very nutritious. Try it on your popcorn or sprinkled over your vegetables instead of butter and cheese.

I Bet it is Expensive.

Then you would lose that bet! The plan can be as low as $9.99/month (yearly subscription) and you can earn free months by spreading the word about this great plan. Even if you pay by the month at $19.99 it is a deal because it cut my grocery bill in half. On this plan I can feed my family of 4, 3 meals a day for just over $100. That is a 50% reduction in our grocery costs. It shouldn’t be surprising since you are cutting out meat and pre-made foods which add a lot of extra expense.

Time Saver

I cook ever single meal I can at home because it costs us $40+ just to go to a fast food restaurant. I tend to pick recipes that are not simple so I can spend 2 hours making dinner without blinking an eye. Some nights that can be very stressful and I have a bad habit of back sliding to fast food if I feel too overwhelmed. The first week of this plan I did the weekend prep to try and take some pressure of the cooking during the week. The prep took me an hour tops and I could not believe how quickly the meals came together during the week. I don’t do the weekend prep anymore but even with that extra prep time the dishes come together in 35 minutes or less. Seriously if you are a beginner or afraid to cook this plan is perfect for you!

Along with the time saved while cooking you also save time by using the custom shopping list the program gives you when you are done customizing your menu. The items are organized by section and have a list of pantry items you should just always have on hand. There is also a handy notes section for beginner cooks that will not only help you find them in the grocery store but also in-depth information on your ingredients.

Personal Experience

Like I said before I was really skeptical about this program before I tried it. There were a couple things that bothered me at first like I could only do a menu for 5 days or I couldn’t add my own items to the shopping list. In the three months since I have been using the plan they have fixed all those issues and seem to be constantly adding new recipes and new features. There have been only one recipe that thought was a real failure with the rest being really tasty. I even modeled my One-Pot Vegan Chili Mac after their recipe. Simple recipes like breakfast smoothies are surprisingly delicious and filling. I personally struggle to find healthy recipes for my weekly menus and this plan has let me lose weight without counting calories or buying expensive diet food or programs. I plan on using this program long term as I attempt to provide a healthy way of life for my family.

How do I Sign Up?

Follow my link to Forks Meal Planner and you will receive your first month free. Do your self a favor and give it a try!

**This is not a sponsored post but I will get a free month if you sign up for a paid subscription.

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