Reflecting on 2018 and 2019 Goals

Last year was challenging to me on so many levels. I took on jobs I had never done before. I set myself up with 3 jobs intentionally and I did something against my nature I reached out and made new friends. Looking back at it I think it was pretty successful and I don’t really have any regrets.


I mentioned I am an introvert. I am an ex-hardcore-gamer who doubled as a stay at home mom all while running a number of Internet businesses. I am the master of being seen online without being seen outside my house or comfort zone. This year I reached out and not only met people online but in IRL (in real life). Is my gamer showing yet? After I graduated from culinary school in December of 2017, I knew I would have to force myself out of my shell. You can’t succeed in this business if you can’t get out there and network and collaborate with others. I got lucky when Rational hired me that the first people I met with them were incredibly good at coaxing me out of my shell. I have to personally thank Chef Nick Truby and Chef Joseph Hunter Walden for an incredible start to 2018.

Struggling with patience kept me a ball of worry for most of the year. I took on a job that I knew was too big for one person in developing the business plans and designing the Culinary Launchpad. I have been in business a long time and I went to school just so I could do things like this but this was going to be a huge project. I trusted my self and my vision and with the help of an incredible contractor, I think we did a pretty damn good job. Nothing has come to fruition with it yet but I have the plans ready and I have promises that I pray will be kept. There were many times this year when I was going mad waiting for things from the architect, contractor or city. I am not good at waiting on others. Especially when I know I can do it faster but these were things that I needed other professionals to do. I learned a lot and am so glad that I manged to contain my enthusiasm to get the job done.


2018 had a high hurdle to pass after graduating in 2017 from culinary school with honors and two awards. On of the awards was for my grade point average and the other was for passing all the management classes with A’s. This year had the bar set high. Although I didn’t win any awards this year, I feel like this year was building a strong foundation and building a network. I didn’t know it at the time but I was setting up 2019 to be the year all my plans come to fruition. So much has gone into the plans for the Culinary Launchpad and I cannot wait to see it happen this year,

I began working with Rational initially out of curiosity and never imagined that it would be a very fruitful relationship. It turned out to be an exciting year going to 30 different locations all over Texas to teach them how to use their new ovens. I have had so much fun meeting new people and seeing new places. I was offered the opportunity to work even closer with the company and I am super excited about what this year will hold.

Personally I have struggled since childhood with psoriatic arthritis. My joints ache and sometimes are almost unbearable. I have always avoided doctors and medications fearing that the side affects would outweigh the benefits. I finally gave in this year and asked my doctor for help. I was struggling to get and stay fit because walking was so painful. Bending to get things from low shelves was impossible. He gave me an anti-inflammatory medication and I am already walking 6 miles before my knees make me stop.


2018 saw me travel more than ever before in my life. For years my husband traveled for business and I stayed at home with the kids. This year I traveled for business, pleasure and family. I had to separate pleasure from family because we lost my father-in-law this year. My family flew to Florida to see him before he passed and then drove back to Indiana for his memorial. These trips were not pleasurable but they were important and comforting to our family. My favorite trip of the year was the 10 days we spent in Tokyo, Japan. My immediate family are very attached to Japanese culture so my husband and I took our kids to Tokyo over their spring break. They had never been to Japan before so it was great seeing their reactions and joy. As a chef my work took me all over the state of Texas. On my drive to Lubbock I saw one of the largest wind farms in the world.


I have so many goals for this year. Starting with my health. Pain is no longer controlling my activity levels. I have also changed my eating habits to be more plant based and avoiding dairy at all costs (I am very lactose intolerant). I am pushing to make this the year I finally get in shape and lower my risk of health issues in the future. I need to be able to handle the hectic schedule the launchpad is going to require and this will help to make that happen.

Speaking of the Culinary Launchpad, this year I am going to make it happen. The design and business plans are all done and we are ready to make this kitchen happen. I have been working on this for over a year and it is going to be a dream come true to see it done. It will forever be a work in process but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This will be the the flagship for something much bigger and I am dedicated to see it happen.

I know it may seem like I already have a lot on my plate for this year but I also want to stay focused on this site and my social media. I am a very creative person and most of the time that creativity is just pent up and never really gets to see fruition. I am planing to add a video series, an online cook book club and a podcast. Long ago when podcasts were just starting I was hired to host a food podcast but the company went out of business before I had a chance to air one show. I want to use the podcast to tie all the things I do together and share my thoughts with all of you.

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