I just gotta do it!


Molly not happy about me taking her picture in her pink diaper! Pouty Puppy!

The title of this post made me giggle because I find I have to tell myself that quite often these days. I am really bad about internalizing things that are bothering me and there has been so much going on lately that I think I am going to burst soon. Today I realized it is even affecting my health because I am starting to get depressed and I just want to go take a nap in the middle of the day. When I really need to be getting out and moving my ever growing backside. I thought once I we got moved I would find endless time and energy to get the exercise I needed and it would be easy to lose some weight. I thought wrong. I hate doing things by myself and my husband’s work schedule doesn’t allow us much time together during the week and it certainly is not workout friendly. My oldest has been busier than all of us put together between band, choir, ROTC and now driving school so we seem to only see each other during meals. The younger two aren’t that into Mom time so most of the time its just me and the dogs.

Today I once again trying to put a foot in the right direction and not only start posting here again but also drag myself out for a nice long walk. I actually have a number of posts already in drafted out but unfinished so you might see a burst of posts that I have been sitting on for a while. One I need to write before I let it get away is telling you all about our day at the Real Ale Anniversary Party in Blanco, Tx. That brewery is really growing and developing and I can’t help but compare it to 3Floyds Brewery back in Indiana. Any craft beer lovers should find that post pretty interesting because thanks to my husband I know my beers (as well as my teas) and know a good amount about the craft beer industry.

I am hoping for a little encouragement from all of you to get this ball rolling because I am looking forward to eventually being swept away by it once the momentum gets going. Don’t worry recipes are also coming and gardening tips because I am very much still a foodie but there is so much more than just recipes in life that I want to share!

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