Home Sweet Home Texas

I’m back!

Life has been such a whirlwind for a year now! I was going to expand my gardens to start my own CSA and then my husband drops the “we are moving” bomb. The worst part was that we didn’t know for sure where we would be moving to. The move was because my husband had decided to sell his company and we knew that the purchasing company would require us to move from rural Indiana to where they were. For months we didn’t know where we would move to and for a short while we thought we would end up in Wisconsin. At the end of the day we ended up being able to choose San Antonio Texas. We looked at the area and decided that not only could we put the kids and much better schools but we would be living in one of the fastest growing cities in America while still being rated as one of the cities to live in. It only took one visit for me to fall in love with this beautiful and active city.

I am excited about getting this blog up and running again and sharing my new life with all of you. There is a lot of work for me to finish bringing this site out of 90’s when it was originally born but it will let me re-discover my own site. A majority of my recipes were entered back around 1997 & 1998 when I was pregnant for my first child and when she was a baby. So you now know why I barely remember most of these recipes.

You will be seeing much more of me as I work my way through unpacking and making myself at home. I cannot wait to share new recipes and update many older ones! I hope you will all share this experience for me as I dive back into the life of a blogger!


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