Failing my Resolution

Molly and Kitty

Yeah I failed to post multiple times last week. I can’t even tell you why now it is all just a blur. I am sitting her shivering trying to keep myself from crawling back in my warm covers, Let me re-cap last week for you.

1. I learned to not make more than your going to eat in one sitting of the Avocado Egg Salad because it becomes Frankensalad and it will not be edible in 24 hours.

2. Texas Roadhouse deep fried pickles are not good. They were super salty and bitter. We have a local restaurant. CBQ Eatery and they have incredible deep fried pickles and bricket and sweet potato tamales.. oh my.

3. I made my second batch of Spicy Korean Fried Chicken and my family agreed that it was the best fried chicken ever. I will post my version of the recipe this week. I promise!

4. A cold air mass pushed down out of North Texas and pushed all the Cedar pollen south and now my chest feels like I am living on the edge of a asthma attack and my usual allergy meds are not helping. Go away cold air!

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