Digital Cookbook finds for August 2018

Are you a cookbook addict? I am! I used to have a very large bookcase that was so full there were books stacked on top of it and on the leftover space on the shelves in front of the books. I was out of control. Luckily Amazon’s Kindle and digital books came along. At first it was just good for replacing my novel library but now with color tablets and Kindles you can read your favorite cookbooks with full effect. I have only purchased digital cookbooks for years now and I can’t pass up on a great deal.

These books are all $3.99 or less with most of them just $1.99.

Korean BBQ

By Bill Kim with Chandra Ram  

Chicago-based chef Bill Kim is Korean-American, and so is his cuisine. Blurring the lines between American and Korean food, this results in brilliant fusion of flavors. Think sticky-sweet Buffalo shrimp made with and sambal oelek or drunken lamb chops marinated in rosemary, hoisin sauce, and brandy. Along with these genius combinations, the basis of many of his recipes lead back to Kim’s seven go-to sauces: a classic sesame-heavy Korean marinade, tart lemongrass chili, earthy soy balsamic, garlicky Korean-Puerto Rican mix, funky nuoc cham, gingery chili paste, and an herbal Korean pesto.

$2.99 (reg. $14.95) on Amazon


The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook

By Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez with Julia Turshen  

Hot Bread Kitchen bakes with purpose. This New York City social enterprise bakery employs immigrant women, while empowering them with skills and tools that will help them succeed in the food industry. Reflective of the bakers’ backgrounds, this cookbook is home to recipes from around the world: chapati from Bangladesh, injera from Ethiopia, flautas from Mexico, and momos from Tibet. With so many bread recipes for every corner of the planet, you’ll hardly know where to begin.

$2.99 (reg. $11.99) on Amazon

Tyler Florence Family Meal

By Tyler Florence   

The best recipe for dinner is simple—just include produce at its peak seasonality. In this cookbook, Food Network star Tyler Florence focuses on fresh ingredients and local products for feasts centered around nourishing, wholesome food and spending quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s for a low-key Monday night or all-out holiday celebration, Florence’s recipes convey the best of home cooking. He finds the middle ground between classics and reinventions with dishes like California osso buco with kumquat sauce, Meyer lemon cupcakes with salted caramel, and chile relleno rice.

$2.99 (reg. $14.99 on Amazon

Vietnamese Pho

By Dal Vanh   

Being Born in Vietnam, Dai Vanh was brought up from an early age eating his Grandmother’s Pho, those early memories went onto inspire him to become a Chef one day. He decided to use his experience to give back to Pho Lovers everywhere and reveal his 50 most loved pho recipes that took him over 35 years to develop! He has included classic variations of Pho which he was brought up eating in his province of Nghe An, different regional recipes and his own fusion and influence from international cuisine especially from rice noodle eating nations like China, Laos and Thailand. He also has included a bonus desert recipe that is one of Vietnam’s most loved.

$2.99 (reg. $12.99) on Amazon


Lucky Peach Presents Power Vegetables!

By Peter Meehan and the Editors of Lucky Peach

Editors of the former quirky food publication share the best of meatless cooking, giving a spotlight to enticing recipes for pickled vegetables, zucchini pizza, stuffed artichokes, and sweet potato burritos. You’ll find interviews with chefs Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen, Brooks Headley and Julia Goldberg of Superiority Burger, David Chang of Momofuku, and Jessica Koslow of Sqirl scattered throughout the book, where they give their take on how to avoid boring vegetable dishes. Each recipe presents different ways to highlight or manipulate textures and flavor profiles, keeping it all hearty and satisfying.

$2.99 (reg. $18.99) on Amazon


Burma Superstar

By Desmond Tan and Kate Leahy

Desmond Tan brings the strong yet nuanced flavors of Burmese cooking stateside in Burma Superstar. Influences of Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Laotian cuisines give Burmese food a sense of familiarity, yet its savory and funky elements are what make it distinct. You’ll find that food from Myanmar has many layers: saltiness, acidity, and texture, exemplified by laphet thoke (tea leaf salad) and mohinga (fish noodle soup). Onions, garlic, ground chiles, turmeric, and shrimp paste serve as the foundation of many dishes, creating a dynamic range of possibilities. Filled with nearly 90 recipes,Burma Superstar provides stunning detail, but by the end, you’ll feel you’ve just scratched the surface of this complex cuisine.

$1.99 (reg. $15.99) on Amazon


Down South

By Donald Link with Paula Disbrowe

The South is home to some of America’s most iconic foods: barbecue, spicy crawfish, gumbo, and biscuits, just to name a few. New Orleans native Donald Link is here to spotlight the American South’s finest. This tribute to Southern cooking will inspire you to gather a group around the grill for beer-smoked beef short ribs, or get happy hour going with some bourbon and Meyer lemon French 75s. Southern hospitality permeates the pages with Link’s charming personal narrative and nostalgic, comforting recipes.

$2.99 (reg. $20.99) on Amazon


Sale runs 8/5/18 to 8/19/18. Prices have been verified before this post, but prices are subject to change without notice. Please make sure to check each eBook price before purchasing.

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