Day 31 – Still Going

Pretty wild flowers I always see on my walks.

I am happy to say that it is true that if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit. I now can’t wait to walk every morning. Even after I over worked my knee and it became a bit sore and swollen I was fretting because I really wanted get out there and walk. Happily I learned I needed inserts for my walking shoes and maybe not double up on my work out so much if I want to keep walking everyday. It is kind of hard to restrain me these days because I just want to get out and walk all the time. Overall my eating habits have been pretty good. When I hurt my knee I may have gone to extremes a bit because first I was “Oh no I can’t walk so I better limit my eating as much as I can” and then by dinner I was starved and I ate a bit more than I should have but honestly I ate so little during the rest of the day I still probably didn’t go over my calorie limit. It isn’t a good trend for me so I really need to watch my eating for a day or two. I must say I am still enjoying my Noom App on my phone. It helps me track my eating and how many calories I burn during my walks. The one thing I am failing at is drinking my green tea. I saw massive weight loss the first couple weeks and I was drinking my tea but I slacked and I am not losing like I should. I am going to put in a pitcher overnight so it is already to go in the morning.

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