Day 4 – Taking the good with the bad

I got word on Tuesday that my grandmother had died. I am in charge of taking care of her funeral plans back in Indiana so not only am I deeply saddened but also had my stress level jacked through the ceiling. When I am experiencing extreme stress and emotional turmoil I totally lose my appetite and have tons of nervous energy. So even though I am an emotional mess it has been really good for my weight. I have been walking between 1.5 -2 miles a day and barely eating. I know this isn’t the healthiest thing for me but it helps me get into the small portion eating that I need to get back into the habit of. You won’t be hearing from me again until next Wednesday at the earliest but don’t be surprised if I report a 5+ lbs lost because I have already dropped 4.

On the food side I must report my latest creation. We had eaten at La Gloria Ice House at the Pearl Brewery here in San Antonio last Saturday. The dish that impressed me the most was Camerones Agua Chile or shrimp in fire water. I love the gulf shrimp we get here they are so much more flavorful than what we got back in Indiana. I think this preparation of shrimp is now my favorite way to eat them and I think it may be the healthiest way to fix them. I have been working on a ceviche recipe ever since last summer but I think I have now worked out all the kinks and have the best ceviche recipe yet. I promise to get that posted as soon as I get back next week and have time to do it.


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