Day 14 and Veggie Crepes


Well I survived last week without falling off the wagon. I walked every day I possibly could and did a awesome job of watching what I ate. It helped that I had very little appetite. I was afraid when I got back and finally had this big ball of stress off my shoulders that things would go badly but I have done very well. As of Friday May 3rd I have lost 8 pounds. That is the best reinforcement I can get! My husband and I have started a new habit to go to The Pearl Farmers Market every Saturday. We go for a number of reasons. The first is that it makes us get up early, we enjoy the fresh vegetables we find and the riverwalk between there and downtown is beautiful and wonderful for Saturday morning walk. One thing we can’t miss is the Gluten Free Crepes which we get full of fresh veggies and some Boursin cheese which serves as our breakfast and then we walk 3-4 miles on the river. It really feels more like sightseeing than exercising.

This blog was suppose to be about food and food is definitely an important part in of a healthy lifestyle. I am choosing to avoid gluten in my diet because I have an obvious intolerance to it so you are going to see a lot of gluten free recipes in the future. Check out my Gluten Free Veggie Crepes, this recipe is a reproduction of those wonderful crepes we get at The Pearl Farmers Market.



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