Day 1 – So Far So Good

Well I did it! Not only did I get out and walk 1.5 miles this morning but I walked almost 2 miles last night with my husband. My legs were sore from last nights walk so I didn’t get quite as much walking done as I would have liked but my calves and shins were ready for a revolt. I also busted out my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker

 and made up a batch of Bohemian Raspberry Green Tea which is really helping with my energy levels when I couple it with Kratom**. I made sure to weigh myself with our WII Fit and made myself start using again. I even got the MyNetDiary App for my phone so I could easily scan things into my food log and I can use it on the go. I have found that tracking everything I eat and drink is important. It not only makes me think about everything I eat but I can also look at trends to see what foods may not work well in my diet. I know that my diet is actually very healthy because I have been avoiding carbs and processed flour for years now. I am going to try to steer our meals even more toward the Primal/Paleo direction because that is where I want to end up as a regular diet for us as a family.Recently become very lactose intolerant and and for a couple years now my body has reacted badly to more than just a small amount of  breads and pastas. I had pre-ordered Practical Paleo last July and I have to admit that I haven’t cracked the cover on it yet so that is my reading homework for the week. This week is going to take focus to keep up the new schedule and continue to log what I eat. Here we go!



  • Good job on getting in your walk. Just think in 30 days what made your leg sore will be a cake walk. I’ll have to check out that app!

  • Candie

    I ended up switching to Noom because it integrated exercise, diet and coaching really well. Yeah as long as I don’t try to run my legs aren’t bad until around the 3 mile mark.

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