About Tube Pasta

About Tube Pasta

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About Tube Pasta



  1. Ditaloni Rigati
  2. Elicoidali
  3. Ditaloni Rigati
  4. thimbles (ridged)
  5. These "Thimbles," which are available in smaller sizes and ridged or smooth, should be used in soups with beans.
  6. Elicoidali
  7. Helixes
  8. Use these shapes, which have a spiraling ridged pattern, with tomato, meat, and cheese sauces.
  9. Fusilli Corti
  10. Penne Grandi (Sardi)
  11. Fusilli Corti
  12. Short Twists
  13. These short, tight twists form hollows that will effectively trap meat, ragu;, and ricotta preparations.
  14. Penne Grandi (Sardi)
  15. Giant quills
  16. These spacious tube shapes are for use with ragu;, meat, and robust vegetable sauces, such as those containing broccoli or cauliflower.
  17. Penne Lisce
  18. Penne Mezzanine
  19. Penne Lisce
  20. Smooth quills
  21. Tomato sauces, including more chunky versions, meat sauces, and cream sauces are compatible with these quills.
  22. Penne Mezzanine
  23. Half quills
  24. These half-thickness pennes are best matched with light vegetable sauces and tomato sauces.
  25. Penne Rigate
  26. Pennette
  27. Penne Rigate
  28. Striped quills
  29. Ridged penne are designed to take oil or butter-based sauces, meat or vegetable creations, and unctuous cheese sauces.
  30. Pennette
  31. Little quills
  32. Match these tiny penne with tomato sauces, meat sauces, and also cream-based concoctions.
  33. Pennotti Tricolori
  34. Rigatoni
  35. Pennotti Tricolori
  36. Large quills
  37. Long durum wheat quills (shown here in tomato, spinach, and plain egg flavors) are a specialty of Apulia.
  38. Rigatoni
  39. Large grooved macaroni
  40. Choose this robust shape for meat and sausage sauces, fresh tomato sauces, vegetable sauces, and baked timballi.
  41. Sedani Rigati
  42. Tortiglioone
  43. Sedani Rigati
  44. Striped celery (tomato and plain shapes)
  45. Pair "striped celery" with meat, vegetable, or sausage sauces. Use smooth sedani as above, with cheese and egg combinations.
  46. Tortiglioone
  47. Hollow spirals
  48. Also called "succhietti" (from the word for a "drill bit"), these short hollow spirals are for use with meat or cheese sauces.

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