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About Pesto

About Pesto


  • Pesto can be used for more than just pasta. Here are some suggestions.

    Stir in cheese and use pesto in these ways:
    Add to pastas such as linguine, angel hair, spaghetti, and orzo
    Add to cooked rice
    Add a bit more oil to mixture, toast slices of sourdough, brush on some pesto, top with more cheese, and broil
    Steam quartered new potatoes, toss with pesto, sprinkle with more Parmesan and bake a few minutes in hot oven
    Thin out pesto with a bit of cream, then spread between layers of potatoes and bake to make gratin
    Add to summer vegetable soups

    Omit cheese and add to:
    Sour cream - for baked potatoes or potato salad
    Butter - for baked potatoes and corn on the cob
    Softened Cream Cheese - for canapes and bagels
    Cooked Rice - with lots of tiny tender peas, Parmesan, and fresh black pepper
    Mayonnaise - with lots of Parmesan and black pepper to spread on toasted country bread and broil as appetizer

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