About Long Pasta

About Long Pasta

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About Long Pasta



  1. Capelli D'Angelo, Capellini
  2. Capelli D'Angelo, Capellini
  3. Angel hair, Fine hair
  4. Use capelli d'angelo in broth; capellini in broths, with delicate sieved sauces, or in pasticci.
  5. Vermicelli, Fedelini
  6. Vermicelli, Fedelini
  7. Little worms, Very fine noodles
  8. Choose fine vermicelli, and fedelini noodles, broken up, for broth based soups. Certain thicker varieties of vermicelli are suitable for sauces.
  9. Spaghetti Alla Chitarra, Spaghetti
  10. Spaghetti Alla Chitarra, Spaghetti
  11. Guitar (square-cut)spaghetti, Lengths of cord
  12. Spaghetti alla chirarra is named after the wire-stringed implement on which it is cut. Use spaghetti with tomato or fish sauces, or oil-based sauces.
  13. Bavettine (Mezze Linguine)
  14. Bavettine (Mezze Linguine)
  15. Narrow flat noodles (half linguine)
  16. Use these half-thickness linguine noodles with seafood sauces and delicate olive oil-based sauces.
  17. Linguine
  18. Linguine
  19. Little tongues
  20. Traditionally, linguine are used with "white" clam sauces, pesto, and delicate oil-based sauces.
  21. Perciatelli
  22. Perciatelli
  23. Small pierced macaroni
  24. Use with ragù, other meat sauces, and baked dishes with eggplant.
  25. Bucatini
  26. Bucatini
  27. Long "holed" string noodles
  28. These long, thin hollow tubes of pasta are used with pesto and sauces containing pancetta (such as bucatini all'amatriciniana), vegetables, and cheeses.
  29. Fusilli Bucati Lunghi
  30. Fusilli Bucati Lunghi
  31. Long, hollow twists
  32. Springy shapes for meat sauces that are traditionally served with Neapolitan ragù. They can be used in baked pasta dishes.
  33. Ziti
  34. Ziti
  35. Long bridegrooms
  36. These lengthy tubes are commonly broken into pieces before cooking. Use with ragù and meat and vegetable sauces.
  37. Candele
  38. Candele
  39. Candles
  40. Traditional with Neapolitan-style ragù, candele are ideal for all meat sauces.

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