A New Year and a New Career


2013 was the year of change for me. I feel like a butterfly that just shed her crystalis. Some of you might know that I have spent the last 12 years running a little side business called Culinary Teas. Even though Tea is a small part of the culinary field I was yearning to spread my wings and full embrace my culinary skills. In 2012 my family moved to San Antonio and It quickly became apparent that a culinary (including beer) renaissance was beginning here. It helps that San Antonio hosts a Culinary Institute of America and that they have spawned a culinary wonderland on the old Pearl Brewery grounds.

After discovering The Point Park and Eats and Alamo St Eat Bar I learned about the burgeoning food truck scene. Food trucks are a low cost way for chefs to have an outlet for experimentation and just to be more hands on where the food meets the people. After making friends with many of the truck and park owners I realized that this could be the outlet I have always been looking for. At that time I was already looking for my next career after the sale of my tea company and this new path as a food truck owner offered me a job I could love for the rest of my life.

After some contemplation about what genre of food, I decided that at the time Asian food was very much underserved. There were tons of taco, burger, sandwich trucks and I wanted to make sure my offering stood out. I had developed a love of Korean food after my husband was sent there for 3 weeks on business. When he came back he sought out every Korean restaurant in the area and make sure that I tried them. I learned about the key ingredients and what makes them different from the other Asian genres. What I love about Korean dishes is that the flavors are so bold and that pairs so well with what Texans love to eat.




After a bit of menu development, research and a few beers the name CockAsian was suggested by Denise Aguirre of Taps Y Tapas and The Point Park and Eats. This bold names has a duel meaning, one that we are serving Korean (Asian) Fried Chicken and that me as the owner is caucasian. My Irish and German roots sadly don’t have food that I love. Though one day my goal is to open a Public House like my beloved Fiddler’s Hearth back in South Bend. I miss the atmosphere of old Ireland and the Celtic music that used to make my babies want to dance on the tables.

I am on track to open for business in early February. I have purchased my truck and after making sure that she is mechanically ready I am now having the external branding done. After a quick trip downtown I will be ready for the CockAsian Food Truck’s grand opening. If you are located in the San Antonio area and think you might be interested in attending our grand opening I suggest you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


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