Birth of my Cook Book Club

Book clubs are nothing new. They have existed almost as long as books themselves have. What I want to do is something a little different.

A New Type of Book Club

Traditional book club have a host who picks a book and then as a group, read the book and meet once maybe twice and then move on to a new book. I want to involve all of you in the selection of the book. I plan to pick out 5-10 cook books, then put up a poll and let all of you pick what book we read. Once the book is chosen I will start a blog and facebook post for it and we can use those page to communicate questions and comments during the entire time we are reading the book. Cook books beg for interaction and I want us to be able to not only interact with the cook book by trying the recipes but interact with each other the entire time. I will host one or more live chats online during the duration of book and then finishing with a podcast. This podcast would include choice interactions, questions, links to folks blogs who participated and all the fun we had during the club.

Book Selections

The cook books I offer will be books that I feel are of current interests and not too advanced. You will be picking from my choices so you have a say but I only offer you molecular gastronomy or fine dining cook books, not many of you would be interested. It is currently the beginning of the year when most people pledge to change their eating habits. My first group of books will offer healthy recipes that help you lose weight and get healthy yet still satiate those nasty little cravings.

As we complete one months book I will be looking to you to suggest a theme for our next group of books. This way you can all guide me to subjects you are interested in.

First Month

I would like to start our first book club at the beginning of February. That means I will be soon listing a selection of books to choose from. These is a sign up form at the bottom of this post that will let you join the club and tell me a little about yourself. I want to have the book selected by the last week of January so we have time to get our books and already spend a little time with it before we start chatting about them.


The only cost of this club will be the purchase of the books. I will post links to each book in hopes that you use those links to purchase your book therefore giving me a commission on the sales. I am doing this mostly because personally I want to read more cook books this year and this will help to keep me on track and company to enjoy it with.

Club Sign Up

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