Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine Prep Time: 0 Yield: 6 Wonderful for relaxed gatherings during the cold winter months. This recipe can make a satin purse out of a pigs ear bottle of […]

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Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea Prep Time: 0 Yield: 2 Thai Iced TeaIngredients8 to 12 ice cubes16oz double strength Chai Tea, cooled1 oz half & half4 oz milk2 oz Almond Syrup2 oz […]

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Green Tea Cooler

Green Tea Cooler Prep Time: 0 Yield: 2 Green Tea CoolerIngredients1 cup green tea, prepared at regular strength2 kiwi fruit, peeled and diced2 cups diced honeydew melon, fresh or frozen1 […]

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