Honey I’m Home!

Uniformed Selfie

The last year has been a whirlwind and it has made it nearly impossible to blog. I started the year out by going back to college as a Culinary Arts student at the Culinary Institute of America. That wouldn’t have been so bad on it’s own but I also kept working my regular job until fall. I was so busy that I missed out on several chances to work with visiting celebrity chefs that came to the school for events. I felt like I was hurting the experience I should be getting so I finally quit working in early fall. This gave me some breathing time but then I agreed to be a tutor and while it kept me available to work with chefs I still didn’t have time to blog. I was balancing all this with being a Mom and trying to make sure all the duties that come with that got done. I am not sure if it is the mom or chef in me but I cannot leave the house unless I know my kids have a hot meal ready for them. I learned a ton and improved my skills more than I ever imagined.  I will be sharing a lot of my new found techniques and recipes with you over the next few months. I promise!

Chef Millan sculpting ice

January of this year I started what the school calls an externship where I go to work for a restaurant of my choice within the network of approved sites. The head chefs that these locations sign a contract saying they will teach me the basics of everything that goes on at the location. I chose a large local country club that does large scale catering onsite but also has a traditional restaurant and a more high speed grill restaurant. Those three things basically cover the gambit of the restaurant industry that I wanted to experience. The only thing I was missing was high end gastronomy and that is something I would like to develop on my own anyways. So I have worked the last 4 months at the Country Club rotating jobs and learning everything I possibly could. I was moved into a line cook job  for the last month, which at this location, is a really coveted job. If I wasn’t excited to get back to school and finish my degree I could have easily stayed but I have plans for after graduation and I am itching to get that rolling as soon as possible. The entrepreneur in me just won’t let me stay in a regular job. I always want to be out there creating and working for myself.  I will share those plans with all of you as things finalize.

My Garde or Pantry station

Here I am in my last week of externship, with all my homework assignments done and ready to turn in. I finally have time to sit down and breathe. You don’t know what a luxury it is to sit down until you work as a chef! My plan from here is to attend school during the day and finalize my plans for after graduation and blog at night. I have tons of recipes and interesting articles bouncing around in my head and I can’t wait to share them with all of you! My goal is around 3 posts a week but you might see many more because I have so many unfinished posts sitting around.


I would love to hear from all of you and answer any questions you may have about culinary school, being a chef, whatever!