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Jamaican Oxtail Stew

Jamaican oxtail stew was introduced to me from a friend who fell in love with it while living in Jamaica, Queens. This recipe is actually quite simple even thought it has an exhausting ingredient list. I like to finish this dish in my Instant pot so I can cut the cook time down to 45 minutes and then I just reduce the sauce for service.

Caribbean Green Seasoning

This Caribbean green seasoning recipe is a must for any Caribbean meat or fish dish. This seasoning can be used to marinate any meat or fish dish before grilling or stewing.

Marinara Sauce

A basic marinara sauce is required for every kitchen. This is a classic recipe that you can just exclude the sardines for a vegan sauce.

Tofu Ricotta

This vegan tofu ricotta recipe is great not just vegans but for those of us who are lactose intolerant and miss our lasagna.


I have used this recipe for Eggnog for years and it has always been the most requested recipe at the end of the night.